Sagar Black Sandstone is rare available sandstone and most expensive Indian Sandstone. It only single sandstone from india in Black color tone. It has beautiful black tones with brown color shades.

Sagar Black Indian Sandstone is also known as Midnight Black by various suppliers. Mostly deposits found in closure of chambal area's of Madhya pradesh.

Sagar Black can be made available all kind of material like paving slabs, tiles, cobbles, steps, circles with various finish variations.

Shade Variation

Natural, Honed,Brushed, Tumbled, Sandblasted

Sagar Black Slab Sizes

60 Series Patio~ II 300 x 300 mm II 300 x 600 mm II 600 x 900 mm

56 Series Patio~ II 280 x280mm II 280x560mm II 560x560mm II 840x560mm

Sagar Black Slab Thickness
25-35 mm (hand cut)
25mm (Machine cut)


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