Indian Sandstone Modak is very popular among Indan Sandstone paving stone in UK and Europe due to its color blends light brown with grey and pink tones similar to local stone or old stones.

Our Paving slabs has distinction to offer with consistent color, proper even edging,straight stone no curves.

Landscapers have prefered to use Modak Sandstone in paving slabs in paving applications . Indian Sandstone Modak has also gained popularity in products like Indian Flagstone in patio application and Sandstone Setts for driveways.

Indian Sandstone llc also has quarry operations of Natural Indian stone and supplier across the world for last 20 years and have mutual partnership with India's largest mining companies to bring Indian Sandstone into global market . We supply finest quality paving stone at unmacthed competitive pricing.

Shade Variation

Natural, Honed,Brushed, Tumbled, Sandblasted

Modak Slab Sizes

60 Series Patio~ II 300 x 300 mm II 300 x 600 mm II 600 x 900 mm

56 Series Patio~ II 280 x280mm II 280x560mm II 560x560mm II 840x560mm

Modak Slab Thickness
25-35 mm (hand cut)
25mm (Machine cut)


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