About Indian Sandstone Indian sandstone have become most popular product in natural stone section from India after Indian Slate. It is primarly extracted in blocks around Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan area of India. With its low water absorption characteristics, it can support medium to heavy traffic flow due to its metamorphic strenghts. Also its color or stone texture does not get damged with water or winter accumlations.

Indian Sandstones has similar colors locally quarried stone in western worlds of Europe. This has created a lot of popularity amoung end users in Europe and especially UK. Products like Birdbath, Foutains, Benchs, Spheres are now become popular choice in garden decorations. Sandstone fountains now come with variety of choices carved in artistic designs to plain simple, all of these are DIY which doesnot require maintainece once installed.

Landscaping contractors, Garden Designers, Architects, Paving companies, Home builders, architects, Interior Designers,home owners appreciate our walling blocks for their consistent color and edging which saves them time while in landscaping installations.

Sandstone (Sandsteine, Sandstein) is sedementary rock which is mainly composit of sand quartz and feldspar formed in form of Stone(Rock) with gradual natural process for many years. Chemical composition of Indian sandstone is the same as that of sand. The natural cementing material that binds the sand together as rock is usually composed of silica, calcium carbonate, or iron oxide. Chemically Indian sandstone is very resistant Mono-Mineralic rock, with silica as the principal.

Indian Sandstone llc is largest Indian sandstone exporter and sandstone supplier which supplies various popular indian sandstone colors like mint sandstone, autumn brown sandstone, raj green sandstone.Our products are unmatched in quality by any other indian supplier, Our clients have always appreciated our quality and service once they have ordered.

Indian sandstone paving is most popular choice among all kind of landscaper, homebuilders etc due to its close resemblance to local quarried stone which is very expensive to obtain.Most popular among other Indian Stones which now are exported in large quantities around the world especially in European market.

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