Natural stone as paving material has become a popular choice among landscape designer, interior designer, home owners, and architect. Indian sandstone has become a popular choice as outdoor paving material in Europe and UK(United Kingdom). 

Indian sandstone paving slabs when used as paving material create aesthetics value around application and surrounding like driveway, pathways, garden patio. 

We supply paving slabs of all kind of Indian Sandstones; our paving slabs come in two varieties Hand Cut dressed and Machine cut dressed material either with Natural bottom or calibrated bottom. We can support all kind of finishes like honed, swan, brushed, tumbled texture tones in Indian Sandstone paving.

Our regular paving size’s are in 60 series and 56 series and we do custom made machine cut series as desired by client. We also supply DIY pack or custom made pack in paving slab from Indian Sandstones.

Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs  Specifications

Surface Finish

Top Surface and Bottom Natural.

Top Surface Natural and Bottom Calibrated.

Top Surface Polished and Bottom Natural or Gauged.

Top Suface Sand Blasted and Bottom Naturalor Gauged

Top Surface Brushed and Bottom Natural or Gauged.

Top Sand Blasted & Brushed and Bottom Natural or Calibrated.

All edges Sawn.

Top Surface Polished and Bottom Sawn.

Top Sawn & Sand Blasted and Bottom Sawn.

Top Flamed and Bottom Natural / Calibrated.

Edges Finish

Hand Cut / Machine Cut


25 - 40 mm

Regular Sizes

28 x 28 cms.

56 x 28 cms.

56 x 42 cms.

56 x 56 cms.

84 x 56 cms.

112 x 56 cms.

30 x 30 cms.

30 x 60 cms.

40 x 40 cms.

45 x 45 cms.

60 x 40 cms.

60 x 90 cms.

80 x 40 cms.

60 x 120 cms.

We can make other sizes also apart from the above as per the requirements.


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